Faculty of Medical Sciences of Kermanshan University dismissed seven academic members

On July 6, 2022, the union council of the Kermanshan Faculty of Pharmacy announced the dismissal of seven academic members of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Kermanshan University.
According to the news, the dismissal of these professors was ordered by the vice-chancellor of Kermanshan Medical University named “Siavash waziri”.
The reason for the dismissal of these professors was “mixed Kurdish dance” of students at the graduation ceremony of some students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
After the release of the video of students of this university dancing in the virtual space, the public relations of Kermanshan Medical University reacted and condemned it and said that this ceremony was held without prior permission.
It should be mentioned that, following the publication of this public relations statement of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Trade Union Council of the Kermanshan Faculty of Pharmacy announced in an announcement that the necessary permission was obtained from both the Vice-Chancellors of Cultural and Educational Affairs and both Vice-Chancellors were among the main invitees of the graduation ceremony. have been.
He also pointed out that this ceremony was held from 19:00 to 24:00 with the presence of students and their families in the garden of Arzoo Hall, 12 professors of the pharmaceutical department at the same time, and after the official completion of the ceremony, the invited professors left the place and the meeting became private. And the students engaged in Kurdish dance for a short time in the presence of their families.
Those who were holding hands were married to each other and none of the faculty directors were present during this whole time and the meeting was completely private.
In another part of the statement addressed to the vice-chancellor of the university, Mr. Waziri, it is stated that the ceremony was held on June 1, but you showed off on July 6.
It is noteworthy that in the administrative system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, most of the people who are ostentatious and unusual, are given high-ranking positions and are against any kind of warm and humanitarian social relations, and the level of literacy and specialized sciences is not important for this system. Adherence to the dark principles of the Islamic Republic is one of the basic conditions of this system.

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