We condemn the assassination of Iqbal Muradi strongly

KMMK: The dead body of Iqbal Muradi, who well-known as an activist of political, Human Rights and a member of KMMK (Kurdistan Human Rights Association)’s directorate, around 11pm on 17/07/2018 His body was recovered in the river of Penjwin. According to the knowledges there are seven bullets marks on his body. Iqbal Muradi the father of Kurdish political prisoner “Zanyar Muradi” who has been sentenced to death in Iran and his uncle Luqman Muradi, who is another political prisoner, who has been sentenced to death, since he was a young, he participated and involved in Kurdish political parties and dedicated his life serving the future of the Kurdish people. Eqbal Muradi survived an assassination attempt in Panjwin in 2008, and he was rescued after being injured.

All the evidences suggest that Islamic republic of Iran regime is behind the terror of Iqbal Muradi and Ovid Kurdish activists. Iranian regime have always threatened Iqbal Muradi and other members of KMMKand according of its terror experiences and black dossier in South of Kurdistan and in the world KMMK (Kurdistan Human Right Association) believes that assassination has been carried out by the regime.
KMMK (Kurdistan Human Right Association) is centre of Human Right in Kurdistan, which has been found in 2005, with its headquarter in Sweden. This Human Rights Association has branches in Germany, England, Switzerland, Belgium and South Kurdistan. Therefore, according to the first protocol of 51 related to the Geneva Conventions and the protocol 13 of second protocol related to the terror of (Bassiouni 1974:204) and according to the basic international power the governments force on crimes, according to the Protocol (UN.DOC:16) of Terrorismrequests the Kurdistan Region Government, Iraqi Federal Government urgently and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK) Immediately identify the perpetrators of this crime and be in a fair trial. The Kurdistan Human Right Association (KMMK) directsthis statement to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK), Iraqi Federal Government, United Nations (UN) and the foreign ministries of Sweden, Germany, The United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK)

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