Support the popular uprising and use your diplomatic connections to stop the Iranian regime’s killing machine


Human rights organizations in Kurdistan call on the German government to support the people’s democratic uprising in Iran and to use its diplomatic relations to put pressure on the dictatorial government and to condemn the crimes of this government against the people.

The killing of “Mehsa/Zhina Amini”, a Kurdish girl in Tehran, triggered a huge wave of popular protests in Kurdistan and other regions of Iran condemning this crime. Thousands of protesting citizens have taken to the streets in most cities and regions of Iran demanding the overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime.

The popular protests have entered their 12 day as Iranian security, intelligence and military forces have dealt with the peaceful popular demonstrations in an outright violent manner. So far, dozens of citizens have been killed and hundreds injured by direct fire from Iranian government police. Countless demonstrators were arrested by the security and secret service forces and are currently being tortured.

The right to an honorable, peaceful and free life and the enjoyment of political and social rights are the main components of a modern society, rights that people have been denied during the 43-year rule of the Islamic Republic.

Most cities and regions including Sanandaj, Kermashan, Oshnaviye, Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Tabriz and Mashhad are facing the Iranian government’s harshest type of use of force and more protesters are being killed by this government every moment. The Iranian government’s crimes are so serious that people have lost all lines of communication with the outside world and currently there is no communication whatsoever between cities and different regions. By shutting down the internet and other means of communication, the Iranian government is attempting to quell these nationwide protests by massacring the people and imposing their authoritarian rule on them.

During the 43 years of its rule, the Iranian regime has committed all kinds of crimes both at home and abroad. In Iran, people have been executed, imprisoned and deprived of their natural right to live a free and honorable life. This regime has always supported terrorism abroad and tried to unsettle countries and endanger international peace by organizing extremist and terrorist groups.

The slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadi/Women, Live Freedom” has become a symbol of the resistance of the oppressed nations against this dictatorial government, and all ethnic and religious groups of Iran, including Kurds, Persians, Turks, Baloch, Arabs, Turkmen, Bahai, Sunnis, etc. unanimously want the overthrow of the Islamic regime and the establishment of a democratic government based on international law and the Universal Charter of Human Rights.

Therefore, human rights organizations in Kurdistan call on all democratic states, especially in Europe and America, to support the popular uprising in Iran and to stop this regime’s ability to spread violence and terror through political and diplomatic boycotts. Firstly, it is necessary to support this freedom movement by supporting people’s political demands and stop the killing machine of Islamic Republic with your political and diplomatic power and in the second phase, if possible, close all related Iranian government embassies.

Human rights organizations in Kurdistan, while supporting the protests against the Iranian government, are calling on the democratic states to sever diplomatic and political ties with the Iranian government and to fight together for the stability and security of the world community against state terrorism and the tyranny of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e. V.

Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Center

For Kurd Center