16 years KMMK

First congress of Kurdistan Human Rights Association in 2005, the Second congress in 2007, the third congress in 2008, the Fourth congress in 2009, the Fifth congress in 2012, the sixth congress was held in 2013, the Seventh congress was held on 17 June 2015 and the Eighth Congress was held on 9 September 2017.
In the fourth congress in 2009, according to the congressional agenda, five were elected by the leadership council and one was elected as speaker.
At the 6th Congress, with the change of agenda for the Fourth Congress, the way of the joint secretary, namely, the heads of state by a woman and a man, was put on the agenda.
The 8th Congress of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association was formed on September 9, 2017.

The 9th Congress of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association was formed on September 07.12.2019 in Frankfurt in Germany, with the participation of all members from Kurdistan, Europe and the United States, and in conducting dialogue and exchange of views among members, Changes to the statute and the rules of this organization arose.
Development of activities of the organization and efforts to expand it, speeding up things and publishing news and training on human rights, emphasizing the rights of women and children, the environment and its damage, kolbaran and …parts of conversations and changes was performed.
After the discussion and consensus members on the constitution and laws of the Kurdistan Human Rights association, the members of this organization chose the leadership council from among the elected members.