Main members

  1. Afsaneh Rouhandeh
  2. Mohammad Hozhabri
  3. Jahangir Abdollahi
  4. Shokoh Karimi
  5. Qader Shiri

successor member

  • Adnan Rashidi
  • Kayvan Mostafapour

1-Iqbal Moradi (He was murdered near Penjuven in Southern Kurdistan)

The board appoints members of all organs and committees of the organization such as:

Co-Chair of the organization

Afsaneh Rouhandeh and Mohammad Hozhabri

Financial and Diplomatic Committee
Jahangir Abdollahi and Afsaneh Rouhandeh
Education and Information Committee
Adnan Rashidi, Qader Shiri, Shokoh Karimi, Aziz Salihi, Kayvan Mostafapour, Belal Enferadi, Fariborz Rezai, Omid Hosseinzadeh

Afsaneh Rouhande

Disciplinary Committee
Mohammad Hozhabari, Giarang Bigzadeh

There are also a number of journalists and members of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. who work in the organization and whose names are not mentioned for security reasons.