Arrest of the mother and father of Ayesha Deniz, the Guerrilla killed by the Turkish government

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and news sources published by Roj News, the parents of Ayesha Deniz Karajli, who had gone to Kobani to bury their daughter, were arrested on their return from Turkish police.

Ayesha Deniz, nicknamed ” Dastan Tamouz”, lost her life in the liberation operation of the city of Rāqah by the Euphrates wrestling forces against the ISIL terrorist group, and her parents (Norah Erkhagan and Omar Karajili) for the burial of their daughters They traveled to Kobani in the west of Kurdistan (Rojava), but were arrested while they were returning to northern Kurdistan and were controlling their passport at the airport (Gukchen) and transferred to security centers.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association