Several citizens were killed during protests in recent weeks, Kurdish death row

KMMk: Following mass and media pressures on the deaths of detainees during the events in Dimaah, the president of the Iranian government has set up a four-member committee to track the deaths of the detainees.

“Hassan Rouhani” Iran’s President has ordered the formation of a four-member committee with the presence of ministers of the state, information and justice and the president’s deputy, the presidency of Iran called the committee to investigate “inconvenient incidents in some detention centers”. .
These unpleasant incidents have been linked to the killing of a number of prisoners and detainees who were killed during recent protests in Iran and eastern Kurdistan.

The committee is scheduled to report to the president, including cases of “alleged failure or guilty” of agents or officials.

In recent weeks, several people have died in detention or imprisonment, which authorities have declared their deaths “suicide”. Kavoos Seyyed Emami, Sarou Ghahremani, Kianoush Zandi, Gholamreza Mohammadi, Hossein Gholizadeh, Sina Ghanbari, and Vahid Heidari are among the dead who have been killed in prisons in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iran and east Kurdistan.

The prosecutor of Tehran and the Iranian authorities have charged the dead with charges such as espionage and communication with US and Israeli intelligence agencies, drug addiction and drug trafficking.
All the statements and statements by the security and government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran are a clear indication of the violation of the rights of detainees, the protection and protection of the health of prisoners with any charges and offenses is the responsibility of the Iranian government and can not by any means put such allegations , Justify the deaths and killings of prisoners.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association