Detention and interrogation of a citizen in Piranshahr


Thursday 19. May 2022 , a citizen of Kuneh khani (Kohneh Khan) Piranshahr (Piranshar) with Taha atash afroz was arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to reports, security forces raided the home location of the Citizens Action searched his home and mobile phones to have.

It is worth noting that Taha atash afroz evening after several hours of questioning the government’s Information Office in Piranshar was released.

Notably, it was, Taha atash afroz already February 08, 2022 by the Information Office of Detention and after spend stages of investigation on charges of cooperation with one of the parties Kurdish Iranian opposition, in the March 16. of that year on bail of 300 million tomans was released.