Saqez; Murder of a woman by her husband

According to information received by the KMMK, “Golala Sheikhi” native of Saqez has been murdered by her husband in the past few days.
“Golala Sheikhi” was an employee in Dispute Resolution Council of this city who was killed with the Identities of “Kiomars Zarghami”.
According to the information received, Kiomars Zarghami fled to Tehran and then to “Astara” after killing his wife Golaleh and was arrested by security officers in the city of “Astara”.

It’s noteworthy that Kiomars Zarghami, an employee of the banks under the Sepah organization, has not been informed of the cause of Golaleh Sheikhi’s murder.
The body of the victim was found near the villages of “Irankhah” and “Senteh” and was transferred to the forensic medicine of “Saqez” city.


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