Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Association held its eighth congress


Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Association held its eighth congress

According to the approved standards, Kurdistan Human Rights Congresses are held every two years. Congress is the highest decision-making authority, the definition and formulation of a human rights policy and the election of the leadership council.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Assembly held its eighth congress on September 9, 2017. Congress was attended by members of the organization from Kurdistan, Europe and the United States and discussed different topics and topics. The congressional outcome led to changes to the statute of the organization.

Expansion of population activities and efforts to expand activities, better and faster dissemination of human rights abuses in Kurdistan, human rights education, special attention to violations of women’s and children’s rights environment and injuries, Kolberan and … were cases that were specially Discussed and Discussed.

After discussing and exchanging views and reaching consensus on the charter and goals of the Kurdistan Human Rights Population, members of the organization chose among the candidates the People’s Leadership Council.
The members of the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Leadership Council, composed of 7 main members and 2 members of the opposition, were elected as follows:

Ronak Zana, Lili Rashidi, Ghader Shiri, Hamid Ebrahimzadeh, Saeed Sanandaji, Jahangir Abdollahi, Adnan Rashidi
Deputy members: Iqbal Moradi and Ismail Saniar.

At the meeting of the leadership council, “Ronak Zana and Jahangir Abdollahi” were elected as the head of the Kurdistan Human Rights Committee.

The leadership council included members of the committees of Kurdistan, Europe, the communications, the “writers and translators”, Mali and other human rights committees in this population.

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