Increase the number of detainees of Malekshahi city protests to 5 person

On Wednesday May 18, 2022, During the popular protests in the city (Malekshahi), four citizens with identities, “Hasan Gholami”, 30 years old and Son of Khidan, “Massoud Mami”, “Ruhollah Arghandeh”, 27 years old and Son of Gholam, “Yahya Salehi”, 32 years old and Son of hasan, was severely beaten and arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic.

It should be noted that another citizen, identified as “Mohsen Bavlaki”, was recently arrested and beaten during the protests.

It is noteworthy that these individuals have been threatened violently with weapons and severe beatings, and their fate and status are unknown.

This has also caused concern among human rights activists and civil society in the city of Malekshahi.