Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of military maneuvers until at 3 afternoon the barrier was to shut off the Shahu forests.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, after the past two days of the Shahu forests and surrounding areas around Marivan, Sanandaj and Kamyaran, and the request of local environmental activists to shut down the fire, this morning several firefighting teams civil citizens and environmental activists in the cities of Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Marivan and Dehgolan in eastern Kurdistan aimed at extinguishing their fire in the area.

The point is that the Revolutionary Guards have announced, on the pretext of conducting military operations in Shahmo Manor, that they will be able to shut down the fire at 3 afternoon on Wednesday 9 August 2017. It should be noted that the fires in the east of Kurdistan are being carried out by the Revolutionary Guards and dependent forces on various pretexts, and the recent announcement by the IRGC of preventing fire from fires by the citizens is the most important document in these fires.

Since the nature of Kurdistan is abundant in shrubs and plants, everyone knows that since the year of military maneuvers there is definitely a fire,however, the relevant institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran not only do nothing to extinguish fires, but also prevent the efforts of civilians and environmental activists in this regard.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association