Holding the 11th Kurdistan Human Rights Association Congress successfully


On Saturday, December 16, 2023, the 11th Kurdistan Human Rights Association Congress was successfully held on the KMMK Telegram official platform with the participation of members from Europe, Kurdistan, America and Canada, as well as friends and human rights activists from Kurdistan and other parts of the world.

In the congress ceremony, the officials of the congress first welcomed the attendees in the ceremony, then Mohammad Hojbari, the former co-chairman of Jamiat, gave a brief history of the 18 year activities of this organization and the ups and downs on the way of human rights activities in Kurdistan. In memory of Iqbal Moradi (one of the former members of the board of directors of KMMK who was assassinated by the terrorists of the Iranian regime in 2018 in the city of Panjvin of the Kurdistan region), also the terrorist attack on another member of the board of directors of this organization, Adnan Rashidi, burdened the steadfastness and continuity of the activities of this organization. He announced to human rights activists and the general assembly.

In the second part of the congress, Afsaneh Rohande, the other former joint head of this organization, read the biennial report on the human rights situation in Kurdistan and Iran to the attendees and asked the attendees to help the Kurdistan human rights Association fulfilling this public duty.

Then, the presenters of the congress, Jahangir Abdollahi and Bilal Enferadi, asked the attendees at the congress to convey any questions, suggestions and criticisms of the crowd management, activities and social media of this human rights organization to the members of the board of directors .

The 11th Congress of the Human Rights Association of Kurdistan with the reading of the division of the centers and centers of this organization and the description of their duties by Soraya Mohammadi Tabar, and after that the description and progress of the two year projects of the Human Rights Association of Kurdistan by Qader Shiri and appreciation for the efforts of all members of this organization who are working voluntarily in the public sector, it was completed.
In the final part of the 11th Congress of KMMK, with the absolute majority of the members, the decision was made to remove the joint chairmanship system and elect one of the members of the board of directors as the speaker and head of the board of directors .

As a result of the elections in the 11th Congress, the following people were elected as the new board of directors.
1-Mohammad Hojbari
2- Qader( ghader)shiri
3- Afsaneh Ruhande
4- Bilal Enferadi
5- Rahim Kholfaei
The main members and
1-Omid Hosseinzadeh
2- Soraya Mohammadi Tabar
They were chosen as alternate members.

It should be noted that, by the members of the board of KMMK, Mohammad Hojbari was elected as the head of the board and the spokesperson of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association for the next two years.

It is worth mentioning that the congress started at 15:00 on the Telegram platform and ended at 18:00.