Eqbal Muradi member of directorate of KMMK has been assassinated

KMMK: Eqbal Muradi, who’s well known as a Kurdish activist, the father of Kurdish political prisoner “Zanyar Muradi” who has been sentenced to death in Iran, has been targeted of a terrorist attack in Penjwin town of south of Kurdistanas a consequencehe lost his life. His body was recovered in a river of Penjwin around 23:30 local time on 17/07/2018. According to the eyewitnesses there are seven bullets marks on his body.

Since he was a young, he participated and involved in Kurdish political parties and dedicated his life serving the future of the Kurdish people. Eqbal Muradi survived an assassination attempt in Panjwin in 2008, and he was rescued after being injured and transferred to the local hospital on time.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association condemns the assassination and death of prominent Kurdish activist to the family and the Kurdish community and asked the Kurdistan Regional Government to quickly identify those who involved in the crime and bring them to justice .

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK)


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