The risk of deportation “Anwar Moradi Zar” to Iran by the German government

According to the report, the Iranian Communist Party published and a copy of it to Kurdistan Human Rights Association has been sent, a citizen of Kurdish people of the Sanandaj in East Kurdistan called “Anwar Moradi Zar” members of the Communist Party of Iran for several years in southern Kurdistan with the party activities had.

During the large group of refugees to Europe, he also intended to go to Germany Enter Italy and Where they are forced fingerprinting, but nonetheless still leads himself to Germany.

After determining the fingerprint Anwar Moradi Zar, the court ruled deport him to Italy, but Anwar apply German court rejected the demand asylum in the country poses But the German government after reading again his case, time 20 days take into consideration that they deliver to the Iranian government.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association based on previous experience that when members of political parties and civil Kurdish Islamic Republic of Iran are delivered with imprisonment, torture and even death face death! Therefore, human rights organizations and centers supporting asylum seekers Germany wants Prevented from handing over the Kurdish citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran and destined to be, because life would be in danger.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association