Adnan Rashidi, a member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association,In addition to inappropriate health condition by Asayesh Sulaymaniyah has been tortured and insult.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association arrested one of its members, Adnan Rashidi, from the city of Marivan in the east and resident in the city of Penjwin , in the south of Kurdistan, from Asayesh Penjwin From a trusted source Inadequate health status is mentioned was tortured and despised by the Asayesh of the city and then transferred to an unknown location.

It is noteworthy that Adnan Rashidi, in a letter to members of the Kurdistan Human rights Association ,in the course of an inquiry and a threat to his deportation to Islamic Republic of Iran from Asayesh Penjwin had been made aware.Adnan Rashidi is a member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association ( KMMK) and a political prisoner, and if he deport to Iran, his personal security will be compromised.

We Kurdistan Human Rights Association , While condemning the hostility of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union to this member of our community, we are responsible for protecting his personal safety from the security institutions of that area and we regard them as responsible for any events.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association