Continuity of fire in the forests of east Kurdistan

According to the information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Thursday 20July 2017, in two other parts of east Kurdistan in the province of Kermanshah, one of which is the forest area, pastures and other parts of the village of “Haltah” The city of Dalahu is in the province of Kermanshah, and fire is still not controlled and continues.

On the other hand, fire in the forests and meadows related to the “Maruda”, in the heights of the Sarmast city, from the district of the Gilan-e -Gharb continues and is intensively expanding.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, in two places where the fire continues, Iranian government forces have not taken any action to control the fire, and therefore environmental defenders have requested residents refer to the location of the fire and try to control and control.

It is worth noting that fire starts at the start of the heating season every year in forests and rangelands related to the geography of east Kurdistan.

In this regard, suspicious actions and actions are carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), or through their dependent forces, which leads to the burnout (assassination of the ecosystem) in eastern Kurdistan.

Certainly, these fires have very serious and irreversible consequences for the environment in eastern Kurdistan, causing the erosion and erosion of the natural process of the environment, including plants, animals and humans,encompasses.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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