The United States introduced the Iranian government as one of the main sponsors of terrorism

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, released on the US Department of State’s annual report on terrorism, the US Department of State released its annual report on terrorism on Wednesday 19 July 2017, the Islamic Republic of Iran was topped by all countries supporting terrorism in 2016. have been.

According to the report, the Iranian government is one of the main sponsors of terrorist groups in the Middle East, including Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon, and provides Iran with the financial, military, and training needs of Hezbollah.

But the State Department says that despite terrorist activities in Iran and groups such as ISIL and Boko Haram, the number of terrorist attacks in the 2016 year was 9 percent lower than the previous year, and the number of those killed was 11 thousand 774 to 11 thousand. 72 people have reached.

It should be noted that since the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it has eliminated its rivals in Iran and abroad from using its terrorist acts

and in the assassination of leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the two countries of Austria and Germany, and in the assassination of the country of Germany, where Dr. Sharfkandi and his comrades were killed in the Mykonos restaurant, and with the arrest of those involved in this crime, the Supreme Leader of Iran, the president, the secretary of state and information was arrest he was shown information about the assassination and condemend and the verdict was given to their arrest.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association