The discovery of the mass grave of the political prisoners of the eighties in Ahvaz

According to a report from Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Ahvaz and Mahshahr, two mass graves of political prisoners in the Karun prison of Ahvaz and political prisoners massacred at Nava Prison in Mahshahr Port Which in the summer of 1988 on the orders of the Islamic Republic of Iran were murdered ,was discovered.

According to the report, 30 of the political prisoners have been massacred in the Karun-e-Ahvaz Prison, both collectively and scattered on the left, at the entrance to the Darvish Garrison (belonging to the Revolutionary Guard Corps). The report further states that the number of bodies of discovery No news has been published in the mass grave of Mahshahr.

Also on one of the nights of the summer of 1988, a number of political prisoners in the Karun prison of Ahvaz in the garrison of Martyr Darvish, belonging to the Revolutionary Guards of Ahvaz, were armed by Ahvaz prisoners. At the request of the former prosecutor of the city, “Tizmaghz”, they were brought to the garrison and sent to a firing squad.


It should be noted that in the summer of 1988, under the command of Khomeini, a committee was formed that was later called the death committee, and this committee was composed of Hassan Ali Nairi, Morteza Ashrafi, Ebrahim Reyesi and Mustafa Pourmohammadi, who executed 23 thousand political prisoners In a short time.


These political prisoners were sentenced to death more than those belonging to the political wing, mujahideen ( MKO) and eastern Kurdistan citizens, and it should be noted that the largest mass grave of the 80’s was located in the east of Tehran and in a place called Khavaran. It is worth considering that Ebrahim Raissi, who was one of the main members of the committee, was one of the candidates for the Islamic Republic of Iran this year.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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