The unclear situation of a Kurd prisoner in Urmia Prison

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, “Saber Shaykh Abdullah”, arrested in 2014 in charge of membership in a Kurdish party and planning and carrying out a bombing in the city of Mahabad, remains uncertain and without a lawyer in his time of imprisonment. In the prison of “Darya” in Urmia,and his father, after months of unaware of his child’s condition, managed to meet him for a few minutes.

Saber is a graduate student at Allameh Tabatabaee University who was arrested by Islamic Republic of Iran’s plainclothes forces on Saturday 15 March 2014, while returning to Mahabad for the Nowruz holiday, and spent six months in detention unbeknownst to him.

On Tuesday 7 April 2015, the branch of the execution of the Urmia Central Prison was summoned (Saber Sheikh Abdullah, Hossein Osmani and Diako Rasulzadeh), three defendants filed their death sentences issued by Judge Ahmad Javadi Kia on allegations of moharebeh through the bombing of Mahabad city and membership in one. The Kurdish parties have been conveyed to them, and despite the fact that they have been sentenced to trial, the security authorities of the Islamic Republic have not yet reported a detailed report on how this happened.

It should be noted that during the parade of the armed forces in the city of Mahabad on Wednesday 22 September 2010, 12 people were killed and 80 were injured. No bomber has ever been held since the explosion occurred.

Note :

“We have received information from the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights for the completion of this report.”

Kurdistan Human Rights Association