Report on Human Rights violation in East Kurdistan “August” 2017.

The human rights situation report is from Tuesday 1 August 2017 untill on Thursday 31 August 2017, in eastern Kurdistan, an effort by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, based on numerous reports from the human rights organization. It is worth noting that this report is not a complete report due to the lack of permission by the Iranian government to organizations and human rights groups and only part of the systematic human rights abuses in eastern Kurdistan.

The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been arrested by security forces and security forces with violations of civil and political rights, violations of freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, government discriminations, abuse of citizens, torture of political prisoners, and the desecration of fundamental rights of prisoners and ignoring the fundamental rights of political prisoners ended the month.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Article 9, paragraph 1, of the ICCPR states: “Everyone has the right to liberty and security: no one can be harassed or frightened about his or her thoughts.

The second paragraph of Article 19 adds: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes the freedom to investigate and educate, and the dissemination of information and thoughts of any kind, regardless of frontiers, either verbally or by way of writing or printing, or by artistic or through any other media of their choice.

Article 22 also states that everyone, as a member of the community, has the right to social security and, through nationally and internationally committed efforts, by organizing the resources of each country, their indispensable economic, social and cultural rights to preserve their dignity and growth. Freely gaining his character; and, according to Article 5, no one shall be subjected to torture or to abusive or inhuman or degrading treatment.

In accordance with the universally recognized conventions on human rights and the political and social rights of human societies, each individual and society has the right to demand and seek political, social, economic and cultural rights, no community or superior group over There is no other and everyone should enjoy the natural and recognized rights.



Unfortunately, this month the Islamic Republic of Iran executed a number of Kurd prisoners whose identities were specified. Their reports have been reported. But according to reports from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Kurdish prisoners have sometimes been executed for various crimes in Iran’s prisons, which are not executed by the media. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not announce executions.


In the dawn of Wednesday 2 August 2017, Morteza Rahmani was executed in a central prison in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sanandaj on charges of security.


On Wednesday 2 August 2017, three Sunni prisoners of conscience convicted of moharebeh who were sentenced to death in recent years were transferred to solitary confinement for execution.

Three Kurdish political prisoners, were executed; from prisoners transferred to the venue, ten were threatened with execution. Loghman Moradi, Zanyar Moradi and Houshang Rezaie Three political prisoners were threatened by execution by Rajaee Shahr Prison authorities in order to enforce their verdict for execution.


On Friday 4 August2017, two prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement cells of the Urmia Central Prison to execute the death sentence. Hossein Shahi and Saeed Pourhormozi are the names of the two who had already been sentenced to death on charges of drug offenses. On Saturday 5 August 2017, these two Kurd prisoners were sentenced to death for drug crimes that had been transferred to solitary confinement cells from the 14th and 15th sentences of Urmia Central Prison in eastern Kurdistan the previous day,executed.


On Saturday 5 August 2017, one prisoner was executed in Parsilon Prison of Khorramabad. Hamed Qa’ed Rahmat, a drug accused of having been sentenced to death in solitary confinement in the past few days, was executed on Saturday.

On Monday 7 August 2017, “Ibrahim Erissi” from Mirabad, the city of Bukan, was convicted of a deliberate murder in the prison of the section 4th Prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Urmia, in order to execute the death sentence in solitary confinement, today, Tuesday 8 August 17,was executed by hanging.

On Tuesday 15 August 2017, a Kurdish prisoner was executed in the central prison of Urmia. Khaled Amini from Mahabad city in eastern Kurdistan, was held at the central prison of Urmia for murder, was executed today at dawn.

The situation of Mohammad Ali Taheri is ambiguous and his new ruling has been issued but has not been communicated to him.

Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhehei, a spokesman for the judiciary, announced on Sunday 20 August 2017, that he had issued a new ruling, but he said he could not announce it due to a lack of judgment. According to Taheri lawyers, the verdict issued by the prison is reportedly executed by informal officials.

On Saturday 26 August 2017, after a few days, the lack of knowledge of the fate of Seyed Jamal Mousavi, a Sunni prisoner, was informed by Kurdistan from east Kurdistan that his son was executed on Wednesday 23 August 2017, at the Rajaei Shahr prison, in an unknown location. The soil was deposited.


Prison and detention


“Arrest, summons, sentencing, file formation, threats, violations of prisoners’ rights”


Fatemeh Almasi, a retired teacher of Saqez city, was arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran this August after searching for his house and his personal belongings and was taken to an unknown location.

Ms. Fatemeh Almasi has participated in several teacher guild groups and has been summoned and interrogated to the Saqez Intelligence Agency about a month ago and after 5 days of his arrest, he has been released from a prison bail of 250 million Toman.

In August 2017, during the first two weeks, two ordinary prisoners detained at the two Miandoab prisons in eastern Kurdistan lost their lives. On Monday 24 July and on Saturday 29 July 2017, two prisoners with the names of “Reza Poor Ramezan” and “Adel Naghizadeh” who spent their prison time in Miandoab prison, while urgently needed to detention centers, due to their negligence and inactivity The medicine lost their lives inside the prison’s prisons.

“Changiz Qadam Khairi” A Kurdish political prisoner from Sanandaj, east of Kurdistan, who had been exiled to Masjed Soleiman prison in Khuzestan province a few years ago, on Monday 24 July 2017, was on hunger strike, following a hunger strike on his eve on the eighth day of a hunger strike On Tuesday 1 August 2017,he terminated her hunger strike by promising authorities to address her demands.

After the on Sunday 31 July 2017 attack special guard for prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison cell No. 12, and the transfer of these prisoners to the venue of the 10th, all 53 prisoners transferred to the hunger strike.

The elderly parents of Hussein Panahi, who sought to know the status of their offspring, were threatened, and on the other hand, the promise of visiting their children was forced to appear in front of the security forces’ camera and make unrealistic statements. It should be noted that three members of the family of Hussein Panahi are still detained in security forces.

The judiciary in the city of Shush called for 40 workers from the sugar industry corporation and the sugar factory in Haft Tapeh by sending a summons to the court.

According to a report and a copy of the summons, the 40 workers of Basitv on Sunday 6 August 2017, at 8:00 am, must be present at the court and charged with provoking the workers for protest, and these names have been prepared by the company’s chief executive officer with the help of the security guard and sent to the judiciary.

The case of a Kurd civilian activist from Marivan County in eastern Kordestan has been filed with Branch 4 of the Appeals Court. Saman Karimi, son of Abbas born in 1990, a civilian activist from Marivan, who was charged with charges of acts of national security, propaganda against the state and disturbing public opinion, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Branch 101 of the Revolutionary Court and filed a lawsuit against Branch 4 of the Revision has been referred to the city of Sanandaj (its first sentence was issued in January 2016).

On Wednesday 1 August 2017, 53 political prisoners in the Raja’i Shahr prison of Karaj, who were transferred to a new ward in the last seven years in the halls No.10 of the prison, have been interrupted by their connection to the outside world and other prison posts.

Abdullah Abdullah Zadeh, the son of Hassan, famous for Abdullah Nijawa, was summoned to the second branch of the Revolutionary Court in Sardasht on Thursday 26 July 4, 2017. In the city of Nalas districs of Sardasht to agricultural is busy,because of the activities of his son Aso Abdullah Zadeh who has been summoned to the court for interrogations by the prosecutor for several occasions over the past two years.


Three detainees who were detained at the Intelligence Office of Urmia, who were under interrogation for about 40 days, were transferred to Oshnavieh Prison. Omid Seyedehpour, Yousef Seyedehpour from Bijan Abad village and Omid Abdollahi from Tajdin Abad from the city of Oshnavieh are the names of these three prisoners detained on charges of communicating with the Kurdish parties and propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran. After forty days of interrogation in the Urmia Office of Information, they were transferred to the detention center of Oshnavieh in eastern Kurdistan.

It should be noted that “Foran Seyedehpour” was arrested along with these three people on Wednesday 21 June 2017, after being from the interrogation process was released.


On Wednesday evening of 9 August 2017 , a Kurdish patient prison was referred to the prison for his health and treatment, and the physician of the health center refused to take care of him. Therefore, the Kurd prison and the physician and the medical staff lead to verbal involvement. And then the prison staff and military forces attacked him in a solitary confinement because of several illnesses.

Ali Muhammadi Moghadam was from the city of Kermanshah and one of the cadres of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army. He received a master’s degree in political science in 2008 and was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence at his private house in Tehran and was subjected to the most intense interrogation for 15 days. He was arrested in 2010 after two years in custody in 2010 on charges of Moharebeh with God , The death sentence was condemned, according to the protest mentioned in the judgment, in the Supreme Court of the country, the verdict was reaffirmed to his execution. With the constant pursuit of the lawyer, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison and exiled to the prison of Urmia with an amnesty request by the Amnesty Committee. The prisoner faces a serious mental illness because of his 15 months retention in the intelligence unit’s solo cells, as forensic medicine has confirmed his inability to endure the prison.

On Tuesday 15 August 2017, Taymour Khezrpour, 45, and Mustafa’s son, were arrested at 2 pm on Halabja Street in the city of Sardasht. According to eyewitnesses and local sources, a white Samand with black glasses blocked the Taymour Khezrpour crossing and he has been forced into a car.

After 54 days of the arrest of this Kurdish activist, the news of the death of this political prisoner, Ramin Hussein Panahi, is unavailable, and the life of this political prisoner is in serious danger.

On Wednesday 14 August 2017, a student at the University of Bakhtar Ilam was arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The name of this student is Soheil Mohammad Pour.

On Saturday 12 August 2017, “Bashir Pir Mavana” was arrested from the prisoners of political prisoners at the 13th Urmia Prison in eastern Kurdistan by the Special Information Office of the Prison and was interrogated and threatened by the Security Forces for several hours. The threat of the prison security institution was due to the passage of Bashir Pir Mavana to the political prisoners’ custody in the Central Prison of Urmia, which insulted and abusive the interrogation during the interrogation and warned him that if they repeat these moves would be a new case for him.

Kurdish citizen from Sheno, who was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in the lower court, objected to the court’s ruling. Khalil Shahi, a village from Sangan district of “Sheno” Province in eastern Kurdistan who was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment on charges of cooperating with Kurdish parties by the Revolutionary Court of the city of Kurdistan. He argued against the verdict and appealed to the court. He was transferred to a court in Urmia. It should be noted that on Saturday 16 July 2016, he was arrested by a Sheno intelligence agency along with one of his friends, Zakaria Safkar, who was released on bail after being interrogated and sentenced to bail.

Kurdish sunni Prisoner sentenced to Execution “Seyed Jamal Musavi” Imprisoned in Rajaei Prison of Karaj from Wednesday 16 August 2017, until the publication of this (21 August), no information on the fate of the above is available.

Four of the political and ideological prisoners of conscience from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security agencies in Oshnavieh and Urmia, eastern Kurdistan, who were sentenced to 18 years in separate cases by the judiciary, appealed against the sentences handed down. Seyed Shahab Hosseini, a villager in Bijan Abad, Oshnavieh, who was sentenced to three years in prison by the Revolutionary Court of the city for “cooperating with Kurdish parties”, objected to the verdict.


Another citizen has been protesting against his five years imprisonment as “Rasul Shaier”, “Moloud Shaier” and “Abdulvahed Salamat”. These people were arrested as early as January 2016, on charges of “propaganda against the system through religious activities” by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in eastern Kurdistan, each of whom was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. They were transferred to the Urmia Prison after interrogation.

On Monday 21 August 2017, a security forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran raided a hotel in the city of Baneh, east of Kurdistan, and a 28 years old girl named Sara Rostami from city of Sanandaj arrested.

Last week, on Tuesday 15 August 2017, Iranian security forces arrested three citizens from village of Ahmadabad from the city of Tekab in eastern Kurdistan and detained an unknown location. The names of the detainees were announced by Behzad Baradaran, Hamed Sabzi and Saman Sabzai.

The hunger strike of political prisoners at the Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj, which has been held in protest against the torture and inhuman treatment of prison authorities, is today 26th, while prison officials do not care about this issue.

19 political prisoners detained in this prison, including Loghman and Zanyar Moradi (political prisoners of Kurd), Saeed Shirzad (political prisoner) and Reza Shahabi (labor activist), among whom are seen.

After more than two months of the arrest of Ramin Hussein Panahi, and despite repeated attempts by the family, the security and military institutions have so far refused to provide any definite answer to the fate of this political activist.

On Friday 25 August 2017, Amnesty International warned about the physical condition of Zainab Jalalian, a political prisoner of Kurd, in a Khoy prison in eastern Kurdistan.

The Ministry of Intelligence forces arrested a number of citizens from the village of Quri Qala , from the district of Ravansar in eastern Kurdistan, for allegedly collaborating with Salafi forces, tape players and CDs and propaganda in the city of Sanandaj and transferred to an unknown location.

The names of some of them are as follows: “Asad Sayyadi” son of Hussein, “Muslem Nadri ” son of Mansur, “Behnam Bahrami” son of Mohammad Saeed, “Yaqub Baba Khani” son of Mahmud and “Omid Feizi” son of Amir necessary To say that in this context, the Ministry of Intelligence also inspected other persons and registered and registered their personal belongings and personal belongings, and they were asked to introduce themselves to the Information Office for some explanation.

“Borhan Bawiysi”, “Kamal Bawiysi” and “Amjad Karimi” are people who have been investigated by the intelligence agency, while their are the official members of the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Workers and Guilds

The head of production units of Bijar city stated the Bijar Industrial Complex includes 42 manufacturing units, which currently have 10 to 12 units and more than 70% of the manufacturing units in the industrial city are closed.

Mohammad Reza Miley pointed out that more than 200 workers are working in the production units of the town, but unfortunately, some of the manufacturing units have suffered from bankruptcy because of the need for 50 million tomans.

Sanandaj County Industrial City Sweepers are barred from getting their salaries for nearly three months. Non-payment of wages for detainees in industrial towns No. 1 and No. 3 occurs when these workers receive a salary of about 480 thousand tomans a month.

The Zar Shuran gold mine is the largest gold miner in Iran and in the city of Tekab, east Kurdistan. It is closed from 23 July 2017, and all 120 workers with 5 months’ wage arrears are now unemployed.

200 workers from the Sardasht municipality in eastern Kurdistan have not received any salary from the beginning of April 2017 to early August 2017 and their health insurance booklet have not been extended.

On Thursday 24 August this year, due to the pressure from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s dependent forces to vendors from Marivan in eastern Kurdistan, who are forced to subscribe in this way, one of these vendor of Kurd was forced to fire his belongings.

The Kermanshah cable Tavan factory, which produces more than 2 tons of copper daily, is shutting down. In the factory there were 42 direct employees and 100 indirectly engaged.

On Wednesday 30 August this year, the people of Sanandaj participated in the protest against the deliberate murder of Mosleh Hosseini and at the invitation of the Association of Workers and Construction Workers of Marivan and Sarvabad in eastern Kurdistan, in front of the Sanandaj Municipality.

Mosleh Hosseini, a laborer who lost his life due to the burning down of his workplace by Sanandaj municipality officials while at the same time another 70% of the worker was burnt, now in hospital.


Carrier ( Innocent Civilians) and Min

On Wednesday 2 August 2017, the IRGC’s security forces in Saqez were injured by direct shootings without notice to Habib Mohebbi private car. Habib Mohebbi was a resident of Marivan city who was targeted by the direct shootings of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces on the Saqez towards the village of Doab, which was then transferred to the Saqez hospital by a domestic one. Meanwhile, the vehicle of this citizen was also burnt in fire.

On the night of 4 August 2017, Islamic Republic of Iran’s police force killed another innocent civilian. Farhad Zardi, 26, married and has 2 children, along with a number of other innocent civilians, has been killed in the police station of the “Silo” in three ways, Pira Kanian Piranshahr, and loses his life immediately due to a bullet.

On Monday 7 August 2017, A businessman called “Mohammad Bagher Qayetuli” was shot and shot dead directly by the IRGC. He is from Paveh and resident of Salas Babajani and a car driver who suspects that he has been trafficked without prior warning and has been shot dead and lost his life.

On Tuesday 8 August 2017, at least 20 Kurdish carrier were arrested by the security forces in the village of Dula Bi, from the Sardasht city of eastern Kurdistan, and handed over to the Revolutionary Court of Sardasht. The police forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran confiscated the property of carrier and taken them with themselves, and also announced that each of these defendants had been fined 500,000 tomans by the court, and they pledged not to move near the border from now on.

On Wednesday night, August 9, 2017, law enforcement forces at the Dol Meidan border, located in the Kilah Shin Mountains of the city of Sheno, targeted a number of carrier targets, resulting in a carrier ” Farjad Jasimi “, the son of Saleh from the village of Saydan, of the functions the city of Salmas, east of Kurdistan, in the collision of the bullet into his head lost his life. In line with this news and in the past two nights in the same place, another carrier called “Tohid” was seriously wounded due to the direct firing of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces and is still under medical supervision and supervision at the ” Sheno ” hospital.


On Wednesday 9 August 2017, a mine blast from the 8 years old war of Iran and Iraq in eastern Kurdistan was sacrificed. Loghman Hakimi, a 46 years old from the city of Marivan, who went to the mountains of Kani Kheiran near the city, was severely injured the head and hand due to a mine attack and explosion, and then transferred to the Marivan city hospital, according to an informed source says the condition is severe and requires surgery.

On Friday 11 August 2017, another soldier named “Ezeddin Khaledi” in “Sheno”, the border between east Kurdistan and southern Kurdistan, was targeted by the direct shooting of the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and lost his life.

On Sunday 13 August 2017, forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran near the village of Birvas,attacked to the businessmen of the borderline of the Oraman area, confiscated the property and 3 head mules.

Based on news from the (Koalbar News), one of the local forces affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran,named “Moslem Heidari” from Paveh in eastern Kurdistan, has killed a head of the mule in the same place. However, according to citizens living in the area, there is no reason to insult and harass businesspeople, carrier and people in the region.

On Sunday 20 August 2017, the IRGC forces in Paveh and in the “Ta Ta” Hando” confiscated the property and assets of carrier and businessmen. After the onslaught of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military forces, the people of these areas, carrier and businessmen, were able to relinquish their assets from these forces, which resulted in the collapse between the conflict and the army and the car of the army was crushed.

On Sunday 20 August 2017, a young carrier ( innocent civilian ) was killed by security forces on the eastern border of Kurdistan.

Vahid Dolat Khah Jankanlou,17 years old from the Yarmaq village, has been in district of the city of Maku, who is on the border had a carrier job. According to a report reported last night, the target was shooting direct by the Iranian security forces, he died on Monday 21 August 2017.

On Thursday 24 August 2017, a businessman named “Nezhad Mohammadi” from the village of Kileh, from Baneh, in eastern Kurdistan, was seriously wounded by the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the report, four bullets hit him and was transferred to the Sanandaj Hospital due to the severity of the injuries.

More than two months later, the condition of a “Khaleq Khaleh” from Sardasht from eastern Kurdistan is in a hollow of ambiguity, and the military organs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the judicial authorities and the Kurdistan region are not well-known to the family and refuse to answer. On Wednesday 14 June 2017, along with several other carrier, he was attacked by the border forces of the city of Sardasht. On the same day, another Kurdish carrier named “Sirvan Azizi” was killed by the police forces. On Thursday 24 August 2017,several carrier of the “Shlir” border area, the villages of “Barykah” and “Hanjiran” fell into police custody. In the direct shootings of these forces, a Kurdar Kurd named Amir from the city of Saqez in eastern Kurdistan was severely wounded and property of more than 15 other charterers was taken by the confiscated officers.

On Tuesday 25 July 2017, at the Hashtian border of Urmia, police forces shot another group of innocent civilians, and as a result, 20 years old innocent civilian named, “Aziz Aminpour” from Salmas, was severely injured and transferred to a hospital in Urmia for treatment.


On Saturday 26 August 2017, a group of innocent civilians and activists of the border towns of Piranshahr, blocked the Piranshahr, in protest of the closure of the border region of Piranshahr – Tamarchin in eastern Kurdistan.

On Tuesday 29 August 2017, 2 Kurdish citizens on the Javanrud – Ravansar in eastern Kurdistan were targeted by the shooting of security forces and severely injured.

Mohammad Mahdavi and Zamanako Mahdavi, 10, from the city of Javanrud, who have a father and son relationship while traveling on the route, were targeted by the security forces on the pretext that they were carrying cargo smuggling, and both of them They were injured, but according to local sources, they did not have any smuggling charges and were targeted for no reason.


The environment and health

The fire of the forests and pastures of the cities of Paveh and Javanrud has risen. On Tuesday 1 August 2017, after four days of fire in these areas, due to the efforts of environmentalists, the fire still has not been blocked.

Extreme fire of oak trees in the city of Chegni, Lorestan, has been shutting down the fire by slowing down because of the lack of firefighting facilities and manpower.

Fire in the rogue heights “Sarkesh” the “Gilan Gharb” city has once again flared and caused great damage to the environment of this region. Over the past two days ( 4 August and 5 August), the continuation of these fires has caused about 150 hectares of forest and pastures in the highlands of ” Sarkesh ” has been burned.

On Saturday 5 August 2017, for several times, forests of the Zagros Mountains have been burned in the forest area of the “Yeyla, Milana and Kofrava” forests in the Gilan Gharb, east of Kurdistan.

In the morning on Tuesday 8 August 2017, forests of Shahu mountains from the city of Kamyaran from eastern Kurdistan in the villages of “Kashtar” Tangisar” were fired and local people and environmental activists went to contain the fire to these areas that the forces of the Revolutionary Guards on the pretext that In the Shahu region -Manour military area, they announced that at 3 pm on Wednesday,9 August 2017, they could take action to shut off the fire. It should be noted that the fires in the east of Kurdistan are being carried out by the Revolutionary Guards and dependent forces on various pretexts, and the recent announcement by the IRGC of preventing fire from fires by the citizens is the most important document by them.

On Sunday 13 August 2017, the pastures and trees of Shahu and its surroundings were burned in the east of Kurdistan.

Following the operation of the second phase of Zarrineh River transfer to Tabriz, citizens and representatives of Tekab cities, Miandoab, Shahindej, Urmia and Mahabad, east of Kurdistan, objected to the start of the operation and they spoke verbally and in writing to the President and the Iranian Ministry of Energy.

The city of Malekshahi, Ilam, with a population of about 50,000 people, despite the presence of large water resources, complicates the problems of drinking water crisis. These residents have to come to drinking water to springs around the city or other villages.


Other human rights violations “suicide, women, children …”


On Tuesday 1August 2017,unknown people in the Seyedabad neighborhood of Oshnavieh were shooting a Pride vehicle and, as a result, one of the passengers was shot dead and another was seriously injured. Following that, the Islamic Republic of Iran forces besieged the various neighborhoods of the city and its surroundings encircling citizens’ traffic at the city level and traffic on it based on an ID card. Also, Oshnavieh plain clothes information vehicles are being driven by motorcycles around the city of Oshnavieh.

On Tuesday 1 August 2017, the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Information Office affiliated with the city of Marivan were surrounded by the city of Zaribar. In order to prevent cycling, women and girls were constantly patrolling; and all women and women The girls were cycled by these forces with a warning and written commitment to condiscated their bikes.

Abdulhamid Sartipi, Deputy Director of Programming and Development Affairs of the Governorate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bukan, at a meeting on removing barriers to the production of mines in the city of Bukan, in eastern Kurdistan, admitted that with the potential for BuKan’s potential in paper production, raw materials such as crude iron ore In the event that sufficient capital investment is made in this city, the development of this logic of Kurdistan, as well as the reduction of unemployment and the creation of employment opportunities, can be provided. According to the names of the mentioned names, the country arrives in Iran for two billion dollars a year.

In the morning of Tuesday 8 August 2017, a oil tanker sank over to Marivan-Sanandaj. The incident did not have any casualties, but the crude oil of the tanker was poured into the surrounding area. The reversal of oil tankers on the Marivan-Sanandaj road has become routine, and oil tankers in the last two years have created over the course of the event.

A Kurdish woman named Somayeh Weisy, 20, and from the village of Gedmiran Oliya, district of city of Dehgolan in eastern Kurdistan, was murdered by her husband, mother and her sister, her husband.

On Tuesday 8 August 2017, a 33 years old young man from the city of Saqez from eastern Kurdistan terminated his life. The suicide has occurred in the Hajiabad neighborhood of Saqez City, according to a report.

On the orders of the Kermanshah municipality, the Christian cemetery of this city is closed and it is forbidden to enter the cemetery and conduct ceremonies for their underworld. Following the order, a number of Christians in the city and other cities have been protested, and so far no government has responded to the protests.

On the eve of Friday 11 August 2017, in the city of Marivan, the central building of ” Wazhin” was burned.

Wazhin is a cultural and artistic center in the park of Marivan City and is organized by a group of civil activists in the city to promote and promote the culture and culture of Kurdistan, as well as the formation and promotion of artistic groups as well as the analysis and improvement of the effects of art on the individual and society of Kurdistan , has been created.

The armed attacks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Baleh Kaya Ti region, between the city of Ranya -Choman and Qandil Mountains, have resulted in the victim of two Kurdish citizens and financial losses.

On Friday 18 August 2017, forces affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards, residents of the village of Bani Nar, of the village of Khanehshur (Ashur), attack the central part of Salas Babajani in eastern Kurdistan and harassed the villagers.

On Sunday 20 August 2017, the dead body of a 45 years old woman was found by farmers in the village of Boboktani from the city of Bukan in eastern Kurdistan. She suspected that the woman had been murdered.

The average age in the east of Kurdistan is higher than the average of Iran, and the provinces of east Kurdistan are among the oldest parts of Iran. Also, among the provinces of east Kurdistan, the province of Kermanshah is the oldest province and the highest population of the elderly and the youngest population in the seventh place in Iran. The reason for the decline in the youth population in east Kurdistan was the initial needs of living, poverty, unemployment and, above all, cultural and religious discrimination.

More than 40 female students have not been registered for their new year of study due to financial poverty and lack of facilities in their new year of study in Bijar, East of Kurdistan.

On Tuesday 22 August 2017, a 82 years old man from the village of Shamshir functions Paveh in eastern Kurdistan suicide his life by Kalashnikov’s weapon.

Valiollah Rostami, the elected member of the Khorramabad City Council and the first member of the council, who is presumed to be the head of the Khorramabad City Council, was elected by the Ministry of Intelligence only two days after his presidency, and the sixth member of the Council, Derikvand, was elected chairman of the Council to become a Basij Mayor, Rostami disagreed with his appointment as mayor of Khorramabad. Valiollah Rostami is an expelled teacher of the nineties, and has been in business for the rest of the years, and is a master’s degree in English.

According to the repport by Abdanan, the first member of the Jalal Beygi City Council, which should have been the head of the council, dismissed, and someone named Seyed Hormatullah Mousavi was appointed as the head of the council of information agents.

Also, in Dehloran, Ali Asghar Ismaili, who is an actor in theater but dwarf, is dismissed because of the dwarf of the council chairman, and Rahman Jaberi is appointed as vice chairman of the council and Ebrahim Hosseini, who is the chairperson of the council of information agents.

On the morning Tuesday 29 August 2017, in the “Talani 1” neighborhood of the Kal Tapeh Bukan, a woman was found in her home in a crocheted manner. The woman is named “Negar” and is 22 years old, who had started life five years ago with a person named Farzad Ahmadi from the village of “Bardeh Zard” and resident of Bukan in eastern Kurdistan.

On Tuesday 7 August 2017, 2 teenage girls 15 years old in Malekshahi Ilam province committed suicide.

The report reads that the two teenage girls went to the top of the mountain in a coordinated way on the path (paryab – Gonbad ), and as a result of this action one of them lost his liveliness and the other of the pelvic she is severely injured and transferred to the hospital.


At the end, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association calls on the people of eastern Kurdistan to strive hard for their rights, to bring to the attention of the world the discrimination and inequality that the Islamic Republic of Iran brings to them.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association