Abandonment of manufacturing factories in Kermanshah from eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, according to the ILNA news agency, the Kermanshah Kabul factory in western Kermanshah, which produces more than 2 tons of copper daily, is shutting down.

According to the report, 42 direct employees and 100 people were indirectly involved in the plant.

Now, the factory is in a state of economic turmoil, and all those at work are at risk of losing their jobs.

According to the managing director of Faraji, the production level of copper in the West Kermanshah copper factory was satisfactory, and even its products were exported abroad.

He added: “The initial capital of the plant was set up by the private and private sector, but at the present time, faced with a shortage of funds and an economic problem for the continuation of production, the economic officials in Iran do not want to be in a state of woefulness of the factory and It will help rebuild it, so the factory has been forced to shut down.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of workers and employees of this center have been added to the unemployed in the city of Kermanshah, and the relevant authorities in this regard will not help to reopen the production plant.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association