Protest gathering and support of Mosleh Hosseini in front of the Sanandaj Municipality of east Kurdistan

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on Wednesday 30 August 2017, the people of Sanandaj protesting the deliberate murder of Mosleh Hosseini and the call for the Association of Workers and building builders in the city of Marivan and Sarvabad in eastern Kurdistan, in front of the mayor Sanandaj participated.

Mosleh Hosseini, a laborer who lost his life in the wake of his occupation by Sanandaj Mayor,at the same time, another worker from 70% of the burn that is hospitalized now in the hospital.

Continuing news indicates that seven Sanandaj municipality officials are currently detained as suspects in the incident. The fact is that the extermination and destruction of residential and under construction without the permission of the poorly populated and poorly populated city of Sanandaj is carried out at the behest of officials and officials of the Sanandaj Municipality, which this time was sacrificed.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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