Reducing the Kermanshah province exports in 2016 and 2017

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoting Iranian news agencies, Head of the Chamber of Commerce Kermanshah Province the decline in exports from the borders of Kermanshah in East Kurdistan has announced.

Head of Chamber of Commerce Keyvan Kashefi Islamic Republic of Iran in Kermanshah, capital of East Kurdistan 28-30% reduction in exports and the continuing of this reduction has so far announced.

He stated that this decrease is not due to reduced plant production and exporters province But rather the result of border issues and border closure Parviz Khan previously been the lifeline exports to Iraq.

Kashefi stressed that now the Iraq central government and the about Kurdistan Region Arab-line buffer has established the transfer of export through the border Sumar, Mehran and this caused a drop in exports in Kermanshah in 2016 and continuing to the present time.

Should be noted that due to high unemployment in Kermanshah province (more than 3 fold the other areas) This caused the deterioration of the economic situation of the province and a sign of lack of planning Islamic Republic Of Iran for province East Kurdistan.

Policies and planning of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always had security look and deliberately tried in East Kurdistan has retardation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association