Wildfires Ilam province was mine fields

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Ilam Province in East Kurdistan continue and spread of fires in recent days and is now continuing, to minefields is reached.

The report goes on is that no serious action of the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to put out the fire understated and the fire in the lush green forests of Ilam province, and especially the city of Gilan Gharb continues, also stressed that volunteers are local people with defenders and their responsibility to protect the environment from any attempt to extinguish the fire were not short.

The governor of the city of Gilan West issued a statement that said the flame to the fields of “mine” expanded and it is essential that people close to the minefields that the probability of explosion is very serious, refrain.

These statements while governor of Gilan Gharb is done, which had decreed that all agricultural land cleared of mines is no danger does not threaten anyone.

But surprisingly, the daily civil people of the region are victims of mines.

In fact, every year after the start of the heating season and the dry rangelands opportunities that fit those involved in government deliberately forests and farmlands to burn, which measures losses irreparable enter or damage abundance both material and spiritual threaten residents.

So that the start of the year 57 incident occurred landmine explosion that killed 12 people and injured 45 others had been.

Apart from mine explosions, property damage, fear, terror and panic among the inhabitants of the areas affected and a feeling of security has been taken away from them.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association