Self mutilation and suicidal prisoners in Sanandaj in Kurdistan East

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Associatio is over, prisoners in Sanandaj prison due to lack of attention to demands their rights to methods of protest such as strikes, suicide and self mutilation have turned and this while 28 prisoners from April this year so far the infectious diseases such as hepatitis prison, have been affected.

The report, quoting the Harana , Sanandaj prison in recent months, more than ever, witnessed the demands of the prisoners to unhealthy behaviors is the reason for adopting this way of protest against the lack of monitoring mechanisms and accountability within the judiciary, prisons and prisoner estimate and of prisoners who have harmed themselves from uncertainty and any answer their demands were grumbling.

In this connection it may be noted that Hussein Karimi in prison on charges of drinking alcohol and this month in the wake of unanswered stay request leave, had to self mutilation.

Also Saman Ahmadi accused of the murder and Arman Khaledian accused of of bribery (bribe taking) is also on leave, had been on a hunger strike.

Reza Jalali other prisoners in Sanandaj prison on charges of murder, eleven years in prison, in 2017 the consent of the heirs to the blood draw but has yet her case branch 2 execution Sanandaj to Criminal Court (for the investigation of aspects General crime) is not referenced remains in limbo, he also wrote a letter to the prison authorities of a possible strike in the coming days is announced.

Another issue of prisoners as one of the stated problems, the ban on wearing the kurdish trousers in prison, This trousers are usually used in all prisons in the country, but is scheduled to be banned in Sanandaj prison. The ban while in prison, and the prisoners were not uniform and they should undertake responsibility for preparing the dress.

Due to lack of concentration in excess of the capacity, the exercise of taste and limitations of the prison authorities, problems such as interrupted deliberate gas, the development of kidney disease and prostate cancer because drinking water, lack of medical facilities adequate, no separate crime, defamation and beat prisoners, poor quality and lack of food needed in the prison, widely seen.

Methadone tablets of prison officials to provide unlimited and free the prisoners.

Because the distribution of methadone – (alternative drug) among prisoners and non-compliance and monitor the correct use and care of the transfer of mouth tablets between prisoners, at least 28 people of April this year jail call tested positive for hepatitis B have been met. Department of Corrections Islamic Republic of Iran rather than increasing the performance monitoring treatment of prisoners, and appropriate use of therapeutic drugs, the solution This problem in the release of these pills have seen, however, present in large amounts every day pill among prisoners distributed and consumed.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association