Rajai Shahr prison, the problem of water supply and funding requests of prisoners

Kurdistan Human Rights Association prisoners in Karaj’s Rajaie Shahr long time deprived of having warm water and health problems have been encountered.

Prison officials to fix the problem that caused the decay boiler (reservoir) water is warm, the prisoners have asked to pay 5 million USD and solve technical problems boiler, participate.

The report, quoting the news organization Human Rights Activists in Iran ( Harana ),

Hot water in some of the wards and halls, prisons, particularly in Hall 21, section 7 Rajai Shahr prison, several months before suffering water cuts were mostly prisoners of conscience “Kurdish and Baluch” In this place there are the serious problems of health and been confronted wash.

One prisoner said that prison officials blame because they want to prisoners Sunnis into the hall their old return and decay hot water boiler and the problem of financing (5 million) as an excuse to put up the inmates pressure, while urging them they have to solve this problem or at cost (boiler) with prison, participate.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, ethnic, racial, religious and gender, even in prison there anyone out of the concept for them with different titles trouble and thinking with any of the standards and conventions of international human rights, consistent is not.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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