Bakhtiar Memari Kurdish political prisoners on death row was freed.

According to reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Bakhtiar Memari Kurdish political prisoner on death row citizens living in Marivan, Kurdistan East, who in 2010 was arrested on the morning of Tuesday 16 May 2017, is the free.

Bakhtiar Memari of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Revolutionary Court in Marivan Kurdistan East Judge Lutfi alleged war through membership in a Kurdish parties opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran had been sentenced to death. His death sentence on 11 May was officially communicated to him in Sanandaj prison.

He was on 4 August 2010, in the city of Marivan by the Information Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Marivan arrested the next day at the detention center news headquarters of the intelligence agency of the Sanandaj had been transferred for three months in detention under investigation, and in this Long’s family was denied visitation rights and phone calls.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a large number of Kurdish political activists executed and several others have been sentenced to long term imprisonment.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association