Young 28 years old Qasr-e Shirin in East Kurdistan injured by landmine

According to a report by the Population human rights Kurdistan is reached, the morning today, 15 May 2917,young 28 years old from Qasr-e Shirin in province Kermanshah for inspection of their livestock near the bridge Shirazi this city was referred, by landmines left the Iran-Iraq war of the arm and the left leg was damaged.

It should be noted that the losses are mine only in Qasr-e Shirin in the first year so far wounding six people and last year six were killed and 31 injured from 2012 until the end of 2014 , 28 were killed and 208 wounded, instead of left.

Thinkable that despite the annual great number of citizens in East Kurdistan victims of landmines remaining from the war with Iraq Iran , the security forces security of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of protecting national security and preventing political parties Kurdish in East Kurdistan, in early summer 2015,  in east and south-Kurdistan border landmines action in this regard that Kurdistan Human Rights Association that these forces are planting mines Kurdistan photos had been published.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association