Erdogan condemned the attack guards Dealers Association of America

Dealers Association of America grammatical confirmed that the attack guards and supporters of the Republic of Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) to protesters in the capital of America “Washington” in (sixteen of May) happened to condemn and demand the punishment of them has .

Senate Tuesday afternoon Saturday, 06/06/2017 Dealers Association of America, grammatical number H. Res354 projects approved by a vote of 397 representatives and while none of the deputies did not vote against the issue.

The project grammatical stressed that protest peacefully and to express themselves freely in America, one of the key tenets of democracy in the country and added that the security forces of the Turkish state in a manner non democratic protesters have dealt and security officials the Turkish government who led the attacks has held, in accordance with the laws of America on trial and it is necessary that the State Department the right to diplomatic immunity to people or security forces in Turkey that the attacks have contributed to stripping to again witness also what not.

“Edward Royce” Republican Association representatives in the parliament session said, attack the guards Erdogan last month did not the first time that happens, but for the third time, and the Ministry of Foreign and Security Systems America there should be clever to encourage such attacks are not repeated in the future.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association