Protest gathring in the cities of Ilam and Khoramabad

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Sunday afternoon 28 May 2017, victims Development Institute ( Arman ) in the city “Ilam” the branch of the institute under the Bank operates, held a protest gathering to demand withdrawal of their money were Special police unit that attacked the Islamic Republic of Iran were met.

Protest gathering Lorestani epositors and victims in front of the Governor Khoramabad  It has been going on for several days, The protests followed the announcement that bankruptcy was the institute has become a serious issue and Meanwhile, officials of two days ago during a press conference with a number of reporters Province, promise to pay deposits victims on Sunday this week announced but the promises did not work and the anger of victims provoked and led to widespread protests Depositor in this city was.

The report said the Special Forces attacked the protesters with water cannon and asked them to leave the place.

economics is one of the most basic survival of any society and country, Without a strong economy can not progress and welfare of the community and its growth and development sharifov noted. Countries such as Iran, which has abundant natural resources including oil, The potential possibilities for healthy economic opportunities and social and economic justice process.In these countries an equitable distribution of national income among its people and the elimination of poverty, which was born out of the passion of the other social, something taken for granted, but the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only function that it thinks, oppression, repression and anguish and welfare of its citizens, and everyday we see corruption, poverty, prostitution and mental health problems in our society and especially in East Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association