The deliberate destruction of the Armenian cemetery collection and the old cemetery Christians Kermanshah

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Association , according to Mohabat News site of the old cemetery collection cemetery Armenians and Christians in the city of Kermanshah in Iran, like many old monuments and tombs of Christians being destroyed, but in the shadow of inattention or urban authorities thought had they not profit.

The report said that the municipality Kermanshah for the deliberate destruction of the historical cemetery irrigation excuse this historical place is destroyed.

It is also claimed that members of the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran has previously attempted break tombstones and sculpture crosses on the graves have destroyed the traces of them not remain.

In another part of the report that a large part of the territory of the series in recent years under various pretexts by the Municipality takeover is a small enclosure of the cemetery with the graves of ancient remains that the authorities intend gradually they also destroy.

It should be mentioned that before the advent of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1978 many Christians living in the city of Kermanshah. The first hospital in the region named “Westminster Hospital” (Christ’s Hospital) was built by American doctors.

The two churches belonging to the Assyrians and Armenian Street, Shariati fact that although the Armenian Church was demolished in early 2001, but the Assyrian Church with Pentecostal church remains.

English Consulate in the Square of Ghadir (Shahnaz) and the Iran America Society of Christians in the city over time under pressure from the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region disappeared.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association