Protest gathering traders and shopkeepers city “Maku

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association has reached the guilds and merchants city “Maku” yesterday, Sunday 28 May 2017, in protest at job status and their livelihoods, closing shops and a strike against the Free Zone Organization Maku gathered and demanded an investigation were responsible for the current situation.

The report said that marketers lack of government policies against the commercial district of protesters are, they say it is unclear what law is common here, everyone makesdecisions for himself , one day allow foreign trade to take a day marketplace and let the product do not apply.

One of the shopkeepers Rapporteur for Human Rights has said bribing customs officials and municipalities has been our strength. Every day is a demand bribes, but that is how we should tax income and pay bribes to government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association