Newroz ceremonies were held in different cities of Kurdistan in a heavy security atmosphere

According to the reports of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Sunday, March 20, 2022, Newroz 1401 was celebrated in all cities of Kurdistan, despite the pressure and heavy security atmosphere.

According to these reports, the glorious Newroz ceremony was held in the cities of Kermashan, Urmia, Paveh, Kamyaran, Piranshahr, Nodsheh, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Oshnoyeh, Marivan, Naqadeh, Bukan, Baneh, Dehgolan, Qorveh, Saqez and others.

Newroz rallies were held as Iranian security forces threatened the organizers and the people of Kurdistan with arrest.

In the same context and at the same time with the beginning of the new year, the special and counter-insurgency guards attacked the Newroz ceremonies in the cities of Oshnoyeh, Piranshahr, and Urmia with tear gas and tried to prevent the holding of the Newroz ceremonies.

Also on March 21, 2022, Iranian security, military and counter-insurgency forces attacked and prevented the Newroz ceremony in the village of “Ney” in the city of Marivan.

According to a reliable source, Iranian military and counterinsurgency forces have fired on the people.

The source added that a number of civilians were injured due to the firing of military and counterinsurgency forces.

It is worth mentioning that during the past few days, dozens of citizens of this village were arrested and the Iranian government tried to prevent them from participating in Newroz ceremonies by taking a written commitment from them.

Nowroz is an ancient celebration of the Kurdish nation. This celebration has a special place among the Kurdish nation, and over the past hundreds of years, the celebration of Newroz among the Kurdish nation has become a symbol of the life and uprising of the people for freedom. This celebration, despite the fact that it is the beginning of spring, is at the same time a hope, a symbol and a celebration of life and resistance.