Worsening condition lake Urmia from eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Urmia Lake situation in eastern Kurdistan is compared to the same Compared to the month of July of the previous year 32% negative and this reflects the unfavorable conditions of the lake.

According to the report, according to the deputy minister for water and sanitation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the volume of water inside the Urmia Lake last year was 2.73 billion cubic meters and now fell to 2.33 billion cubic meters reduced.

In another report released by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, environmental activists and local people, during a civil protest, organized the worry of the worsening of their lake with humanitarian support, faced with the violence of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s police forces.

It should be noted that Lake Urmia is the largest domestic lake in Iran and the second largest lake in the world. The water of this lake is very salty and is fed more often than the rivers of Zarineh Roud, Simineh Roud, Talkheh Roud, Gader, Barandoz, Shahr Chay, Nazlou and Zola. However, one of the tasks to worsen this lake is the construction of large dams on these rivers and the transfer of water to the central cities of Iran, and the construction of non-standard and non-expert highways on the lake, and over 10 years, more than 75 percent of its water Lost.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association