The unclear status of a girl from Marivan who was the victim of a mine explosion

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoted by the Harana news agency, on Friday 18 October 2013, in the village of Khashkash, the Marivan City in eastern Kurdistan, the mine was planted, the time of the war between Iran and Iraq explodes and the children in this place Were injured, with two of them seriously injured.

Gashin Karimi, a 9-year-old girl from her dry village with 6 friends in a fully residential area, miles away from Iran and Iraq border, suffered amputation during a mine blast. Despite the passing of four years since the mine blast, the family’s follow-up of the child has failed to receive the necessary help and support that would restore the child to normal life.

In the year 2013, where the child was playing along with a number of his friends, Ala Rubina, Matin Rakhsh Bahar, Khabat Karimi, Behnoosh Ziaei Moghadam, Sina Dezhahang and Zana Karimi, an unexplained mine exploded causing the ankle to stop Sashin was seriously injured in the eyes of another child, “Ala”, and other children were injured, but the severity of their injuries was not the same as the other two children.

It should be noted that mines planted during the Iran-Iraq war each day sacrificed Kurd citizens in different parts of Kurdistan, while in the beginning of 2017 until late June 2017, due to an explosion of mines, mortars and explosives, 5 Kurd citizen was killed and 23 others were wounded, 2 of them are children, and according to statistics, about 70.6250 hectares of east Kurdistan lands are mined.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association