Suicide of two other citizens in Kurdistan

According to the report received to KMMK, two citizens named “Ramin GhadamKheiri” from Kamyaran and “Zahra Jamali” ended themselves life by committed suicide.

On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a citizen of kamyaran with the identity of “Ramin Ghadamakhiri”, from the village of “Haniman” committed suicide due to financial problems during the current week and ended his life.
Also, in the past few days, a teenage girl with the identity of “Zahra Jamali” from Songhor, in Krmashan, hanged herself and ended her life.

As of this writing, the reason for this citizen’s suicide is unknown.

Forced marriages, gender discriminations, lack of legal protection for womens, poverty and unemployment are the main causes of suicide in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human rights Association

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