4 years record Rouhani government in the face of unemployment in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association according to the state news agency Mehr, the unemployment rate in the cities of East Kurdistan, while the upward trend in the sweeps , according to official statistics, more than 50% of industrial production units in East Kurdistan city were closed.

According to the Statistical Center of Iran in the winter of 2017 the unemployment rate in cities of East Kurdistan 20/5 per cent and for this reason the three provinces of Kurdistan East is Iran’s highest unemployment rate.

It is worth mentioning a while ago, “Syed Ahsan Alavi” representative of the people of Sanandaj, Divandareh and Kamyaran in East Kurdistan Islamic Consultative Assembly digit unemployment rate in cities of more than 25% was declared, saying that only 12,000 unemployed graduates related fields of information technology.

The report stated that the number of jobseekers in the cities of East Kurdistan so high that it is feared the threat has become among the people, especially the youth every day wandering more and do not know where to find jobs refer, There is no industrial cities of Kurdistan East nor the private sector is so strong that kind of government single-handedly pull and It is interesting that the Islamic Republic says public sector capacity is completed.

Stakeholders and decision makers of the Iranian Government against claims a special program in the field of employment in East Kurdistan nor in the life of his four years in this province, with campaigns to spend his career and won acceptance in this area and the no other.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association