Warmongering and attacks against Rojava Kurdistan Turkish government

According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Turkish army with heavy weapons to the villages Canton Efrin attacked these areas in Rojava Kurdistan bombing has made the People’s Defense Forces (Y P G) the duty to protect this part of Kurdistan is responsible, counteroffensive has done.

According to the Center (Roj News) announced this morning the Turkish army with cannons and heavy weapons Village (Frfrky) functions settlements Rajvh in Canton Afrin balls rain and “the Y P G” responded the attack is.

According to local reports the town Rajvh, now the Turkish military bombed the village of Efrin very human and material casualties, the attacks continued and is still not known.

This is the first time that the Turkish government attacks on Rojava Kurdistan does and while yesterday the areas in between the South and Rojava Kurdistan (Shengal and Dirk) bombed, resulting in a number guerrillas “guerrillas” and Peshmerga Kurdish their lives lost.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association