Shooting to innocent sivilians Sarshive Saqez 2 people injured and arrested.

According to reports Kurdistan Human Rights Association , last night 26 May 2017, near the village “Kowna Saif ” functions Sarshiv Saqez , the police station Bastam by laying an ambush, innocent civilians target and put a innocent civilian called “Mohammad Dartafi “injured and another arrested and several horses innocent civilians also shot and killed.

According to the Report, innocent civilian injured to city hospitals “Panjwin” in South Kurdistan has been moved.

It should be noted that, in the past three nights around the village “Mishyav Mamousta Sheikh Qader” in the region Sarshiv Baneh two other innocent civilians was shot and wounded law enforcement directly.

After the recent elections 5 injured innocent civilian and a innocent civilian also lost his life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association