A kurdish innocent civilian university student Sardasht East Kurdistan injuries, died a month after that.

According to the report on Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Rahman Ibrahimi child of Qassim from the city Rabat (Sardasht ) in East Kurdistan, after a month in hospital suffering Tabriz lost his life.

Rahman Ibrahim 19 years old student at the University of Khorramabad (Lorestan Province) that the cost of education to jobs arduous turned and livelihood was, mentioned a month ago with direct fire by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran was wounded and reportedly after pain and injuries than a month has lost his life.

It should be noted that due to lack of infrastructure, mismanagement and policies that discriminate region, especially in East Kurdistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the people of this geographical area Perforce jobs precarious or jobs False including vending turned and this way they earn a living.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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