The announcement of military rule and curfew again in the city Amid to North Kurdistan

Following the news received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, according to the Roj News Agency, on Friday 21 July 2017, the establishment of a curfew was announced in 15 villages from the city “Amid” in northern Kurdistan.

The names of the villages declared the military government are as follows :

Akchabodak, Tahakolak, Mahmoodan, Kazan, Hizh, Mahmudloo, Leilasoure, Dargan, Kaiak Tashi, Elich Leila, Oolojak, Yeni Yazi, Baljah, Alyan, Abdul Rahman Aqa.

And to the inhabitants of the villages mentioned, it is announced that at 5:00 am today, is military and curfew

Undoubtedly, such an approach by the Turkish government is clear and publicly against civil, political, social, natural and human rights, citizens living in northern Kurdistan and violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association