Two charged with selling live chickens in Sardasht each sentenced to two months imprisonment.

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association two Kurdish peddler each were sentenced to two months in prison.

The report said that Ibrahim Mohammad Pour network administrator veterinary city of Sardasht said criminal complaints against the network and deal a decisive judicial authorities, two of the perpetrators of the sale of live chickens each were sentenced to two months imprisonment.

Sardasht city of the province of Urmia in East Kurdistan is the greatest tragedies of the terrible after the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the one hand the victims of the bombing of the chemical in the Iran Iraq war and is still sick this humanitarian catastrophe are untreated and the other citizens’ anger and defiance were the officials of the Islamic Republic.

Many civil rights activists in Sardasht say that proletarian in border only job opportunity that exists in this city. False and dangerous jobs only option that people can earn a living. According to statistics, the most recent years in the region of Sardasht innocent civilians killed and injured by the Islamic Republic of Iran.Another group of youngs unemployed Sardasht to provide the necessities of life, including peddler turned to things that Iranian law does not allow them to economic the activities.

It should be noted Urmia province, according to Statistics Center of Iran in the sixth row of the province with the highest percentage of unemployment, and this is a broader definition of the 25 provinces in the political geography of the province of Urmia are better in terms of unemployment.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association