Hanging a woman Sardasht inTurkey

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and to the NNS ROJ , a Kurdish woman called Golzhin Hossein Zadeh from the city of Sardasht in East Kurdistan , was hanged in the prison of the Turkish Salim Pasha.

The report states that these two weeks before going to Great Britain and join her husband, but at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport arrested and imprisoned Salim Pasha and while in the prison hanging and life lost .

It should be noted that the Turkish government and the ruling party (AKP) in different ways to the destruction and annihilation of the Kurdish nation had the North, South, East and West Kurdistan them no different from, and where does that for people to find, in seeking to suppress and murder them and as a result we see every day in Rojava (west), North and now citizens of other parts of Kurdistan, violence and crime have been.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association