An East Kurdistan asylum seeker set himself on fire in front of the UNHCR office in Hawler

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, A refugee from East Kurdistan set himself on fire in front of the UNoffice in arbil, South Kurdistan, in protest of the international body’s failure to respond.

A video released in this regard shows the asylum seeker protesting against the non-examination of his asylum case and going on strike in front of the UN office. The asylum seeker, who doesn’t receive a response from this organization, sets himself on fire.

The asylum seeker speaks of the dire situation of asylum seekers and protests against the actions of the United Nations.
This refugee sets himself on fire, UN staff only observe the young man’s self-immolation and show no reaction, repeating their inactive policy towards refugee.
The journalists present at the scene didn’t take any action to prevent the asylum seeker from burning himself, and they are just watching the horrible incident.
Until the preparing of this writing, The United Nations has continued its silence on asylum seekers and has remained silent on the young man’s self-immolation.
According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a large number of asylum seekers from East Kurdistan live in southern Kurdistan, and the United Nations has made no effort to relocate them to a safe third country to alleviate some of the harassment.
Most of these asylum seekers are politicians and members of parties and organizations in East Kurdistan who are at risk of assassination and abduction by the I.R.Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association