As the number of prisoners in Mahabad prison and lack of space in prison

In the wake of reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , said the head of the prison Orumieh province of Orumieh and Mahabad prisons due to being too still imprisoned, the hardest and most onerous are the prisons in the province.

A prisoner with writing a letter to the Kurdistan Human Rights stated that prisoners do not have any ability to even breathe hard time in prison and all over the inside and along the toilet also have wide bed.

A few days ago they added several other prisoners to a prison cell the night until morning spent in the prison yard.

He also said officials do not care about this issue, Without reason we hold and have brought out the conditions to survive, we must violates the law and this is while the smallest human rights being imprisoned we are deprived.

It is worth noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran claims that prisons to universities has become, although any prisoner with any crime, the Islamic Republic of sin is, after going to jail personality completely disappears and the previous human not it turns into harmful to society, which is engaged in theft, drug and that the policy dirty Islamic Republic of Iran to the community that the person for the family and community, runs, and in general a university to learn all those things that the family of destroys.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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