Mohammad Nazari Kurdish political prisoners have been released three years ago has been denied treatment in prison.

According to a report by Kurdistan’s Human Rights Association Mohammad Nazari, who suffers from heart disease and arthritis of the neck and The poor physical condition of his transfer to hospital and medical care is denied.

The report said the head of Karaj Rajai Shahr prison in connection with the failure to send him to the hospital claimed that the order to send him to the revolutionary court in Karaj issued while Karaj Revolutionary Court announced that the Revolutionary Court in Orumieh should handle the necessary in this case to do Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court has also also announced that the Tehran Revolutionary Court have deployment orders for the issue.

Mohammad Nazari, political prisoners, sick prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison Tuesday 30 May 2017, the twenty-fourth year of imprisonment begun with heart disease and arthritis of the neck in the process of vague and ambiguous administrative far from parole, furlough and deprived of medical attention.

Mohammad Nazari in a letter received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association has written that because of problems with my heart, according to the head of the Health and cardiologist Karaj Rajai Shahr prison should be taken to hospital, but I trial of licensing deploy refused to take so far no has not worked. He added that in recent years numerous letters to government leaders, including the head of the judiciary and the Attorney General, the Court of Mahabad and even the Minister of Information, I’ve tried to legally pursue the case. But they all missed remained until a few months ago to follow my family did, it was none of my mail to the concerned authorities have not been sent, and my mail by Mr. Sigarouei responsible for enforcing a variety of reasons were missing even a the most recently by the judicial authorities had been communicated to me by Mr. Sigarouei lost. While prison authorities have ordered to give a copy of my letter but the execution of it is not.

Mohammad Nazari was born in 1970, from the city of Bukan in 1994, in accused of collaborating with the Kurdish parties were arrested and sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment after 5 years.

After a review of the case in 2013 , the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad Iran agreed to release him, but so far still being held in prison. In November last year the Revolutionary Court in Iran with his request for transfer to the prison of Orumieh Islamic Republic of Iran opposed the agreement but the security agencies.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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