Hunger Strike Sunni prisoners religion in Evin prison

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association and to the Harana “organ of human rights defenders in Iran”, “Adel Alizadeh” citizen of the Sunni religion from city “Paveh” in East Kurdistan, in Evin prison on hunger strike has .

“Milad Tofiqi” and “Adnan Husseini”, whose charges are similar to those in solitary confinement prisons are overcrowded.

The report states that: Adel Alizadeh along with 30 other prisoners citizen, including (Sayed Adnan Hussaini , Milad Tofiqi and Delshad Wasimi ), which in July 2016 to protest the verdict, had been on a hunger strike.

A reliable source, who has knowledge of the actual situation Adel Alizadeh, Harana news agency reported that: suffered a heart attack.

The report goes on to Sayed Adnan Hussaini from the village of Shamshir in Paveh and shop in the Paveh border.

Milad Lotfi Son of Yazdan and Delshad Wasimi and four Sunni Kurdish citizens in the city of Paveh, because of religious activity were arrested in July 2016.

Delshad Wasimi was born in 1989, from the city Paveh,and lives in Tehran, On 4 August 2016, because of the profound a wound and cuts on the body was transferred to Karaj Rajai Shahr of political prisoners ward and In October 2016 while riding was wheelchair and his family were not able to to know, was released.

Undoubtedly self-evident that the Islamic Republic of Iran unable to resist any thought and attitude in view of which it believes does not have exactly the same token, any individual or group the right to comment or write down their thoughts no, if contrary to this act with all kinds of sentences, including imprisonment, beating, torture and execution in Iran will face and this approach represents a violation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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