The Iranian prosecutor’s office protested the acquittal of Anisa Jafari Mehr

According to a report received by the KMMK, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of the Government of Iran in the city of Gilan-Gharb (Eslamabade Gharb) has protested the acquittal of “Anisa Jafari-Mehr” and demanded a retrial and a prison sentence.
The Iranian prosecutor’s office, while protesting against the acquittal of this cultural activist, has referred its request for reconsideration of the case and its objection to the Iranian government’s Court of Appeals in the Kermashan.

According to the report received, Anisa Jafari-Mehr referred to the Revolutionary Court of Iran in Gilan-Gharb to lift her detention and release her on bail, and found that the prosecutor’s office had appealed her acquittal and her case had been referred to the Court of Appeals.
On Saturday, June 27, 2021, she was summoned to the Revolutionary Court on charges of “propaganda against the regime”, then acquitted.

It’s noteworthy that in April of this year, she was acquitted of membership in Kurdish parties.
Anisa Jafari-Mehr was temporarily released from custody in December 2020 on 350 million Tomans bail.

She was arrested by the Iranian government’s security and intelligence forces on Monday, December 24, 1999, without a court order.