Kurdistani the expelled and other cities employment.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association has reached a representative appointed by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the cities of Sanandaj, Divandareh and Kamyaran to acknowledge that the government departments Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan citizens Kurdistani expelled and officials of the departments of their relatives as in non Kurdistan the regions and their ability to hire huge salaries.

He is also in an interview with news agencies, the government said that recently someone Divandarah to visit us and presents a request commented qualified for hiring am, but unfortunately I am someone from another town to attend a place here has visited. We see people from other provinces have been attracted here when we ask questions about it as that organization has held assessment test.

Unemployment in the provinces of East Kurdistan : Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam and Uroumieh, always was evenly split, with data provided by managers and government officials  for example,in 2016, in the statement as representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran appointed to the city of Sanandaj, the number of unemployed in the province was announced 60 percent and center Iranian statistics at the beginning of in 2015, Statistical Center of Iran’s unemployment rate in Kurdistan province, more than 16 percent said that based on this rate, after Lorestan second country in terms of unemployment has been and in 2015, three provinces of Sanandaj (Kurdistan) , Kermanshah and Ilam between 28 and 32 percent, respectively, while the unemployment rate is announced.

In 2016, annual income of citizens is much lower than the national average and the East Kurdistan according to the same statistics the annual income of nearly one and a half million USD citizens of Kurdistan East. However, the average per capita income of about three million four hundred thousand USD has been registered.

Meanwhile, deputy governor of Kurdistan Economic Affairs and Development for the 2016, in the amount of bank resources amounting to 5 billion Tomans cited and stated that the Banking sources amount equal to 7% of Iran’s geopolitics and natural resource revenue from the mines East Kurdistan equal to 35 percent of non-oil reserves in the political geography of Iran is extracted but only 7 percent of total industry revenues returned to the East Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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